We’ve been hard at work improving VeriCite!

Over the last three years, we’ve received some great suggestions from our users about ways to make VeriCite even better. Client feedback, combined with a growing list of items in our product roadmap, inspired us to reimagine the VeriCite user interface (UI). Our goal was to redesign the UI for improved ease of use, functionality, and accessibility. That was the start of our new UI project.

For the past year we’ve been working with a user experience firm to evaluate the VeriCite UI and conduct a series of usability tests on proposed changes. This usability research, along with faculty and student input from several major universities, has guided us in streamlining and improving the overall user interface. Accessibility is just as important as usability, so we’ve just completed a comprehensive, third-party review of VeriCite’s compliance with standards to meet the needs of users with disabilities.

Our new UI project has been steadily advancing and we are very excited about the new look and feel of VeriCite. Currently, we are running a limited number of pilots at a few select institutions. We plan to make the new UI available over the summer in order to give you time to get familiar with the changes. As part of the new UI roll-out, we are hosting monthly training sessions for faculty and administrators. The current UI will be phased out by August 1st, 2017.

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming release.